Brooke Tarnoff Glass is a Boston-based writer, editor, and unconventional creative thinker. With a decade's experience covering movies, television, and music for MTV, AOL, Billboard, and more—and over three years as a senior content producer for a global public relations agency—she has built creative platforms, spearheaded the editorial development of numerous programs, and wrestled the written word into submission.

The written word is her lackey.

In related news, she can generate limericks on almost any topic. Go ahead, try her.

Brooke is a trained and lapsed opera singer, recently spending five years as a singer-songwriter in a New York City rock band, which is basically opera but with less Italian and more guitar. She's an avid DIYer who thinks refinishing floors is fun, notwithstanding the sound of belt sanders.

Brooke enjoys hanging out with her husband, her three step-kids, and her dog—he's the one on the right—who is named for an Ewok or the game of croquet, depending on your opinion of science fiction.